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ZABERD S.A. Zakład Bezpieczeństwa Ruchu Drogowego

[Polen] Horizontal road markings

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The key business area of our services is making road markings. Since the establishment of our company we have been the chief contractor for pavement markings in the city of Wrocław. In this part of our operations we place principal emphasis on a very intense development and every year we extend the range of our business operation. The map below shows the scope of works that
we have performed since 1995.

And this is our extensive fleet of top-quality machinery for making signs with the use of all available technologies, starting from thin-layer painting, through thick-layer signs from chemically hardenable masses, thermoplastic masses, ending with top-quality 3M STAMARK tapes:

Mobile painting machines:

- LINE LAZER 5000,
- TRASSAR 131,
- TRASSAR 251,
- TRANTEX, option of paint heating for thin-layer delineation lines,
- LINE LAZER for small elements on pedestrian crossings,
- TITAN for small elements on pedestrian crossings,
- GROUPE AIRLESS mounted on trucks, used for thin-layer painting of arrows, pedestrian crossings, and other elements of pavement markings with pressure application of glass beads,
- BORUM BM 350 for laying thermoplastic mass both in the spray plastic technology and also by spreading with an extruder in the form of plane markings and profiled markings (which have audio warning function and are visible during rainfalls); enables marking of delineation lines, edge lines, pedestrian crossings;
- boilers for application of thermoplast
- equipment for making signs with 3M STAMARK tape; both for delineation lines and edge lines;
- machine for pavement markings in the LPM 1200 polymerisation technology
- equipment for melting bituminous glue for installation of spot retroflex elements (so-called “cat eyes”).

Besides the above, we also have a few dozen vehicles (trucks and delivery trucks enabling timely performance of works all over Poland and Europe
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ZABERD S.A. Zakład Bezpieczeństwa Ruchu Drogowego

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